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Writers' Corner #11

My favourite TV programme

My favourite TV programme is called ‘Skam’ and it is a Norwegian series. I watch it online because there is no channel broadcasting it now. Although I have subtitles, it still is a little hard to understand the series as they speak Norwegian.
‘Skam’ is about a group of teenagers and their lives while they are in high school. They all have different beliefs, perspectives and religions, which makes this series even more interesting! This series has four seasons and each of them focuses on different characters and their problems. The first tells you about Eva and her problems with her boyfriend and her old friends from middle school. The second one is about Noora and how she stands up for her causes along with the most idiotic boy from school. The third one is about Isaak and Even, and in it Isaak opens up about his sexuality; he starts dating Even and fighting his problems. I am still watching the fourth season – it is about Sana, a Muslim girl, who loves a non-Muslim boy and has to prepare everything for the ‘Russ bus’, a Norwegian student tradition.
I love this series because of the several emotions that we get to feel with the characters and their actions. Besides, we get to know a new language and new cultural aspects like the ‘Russ bus’, which is the main point of the series.

Rafaela Paralvas, 10.º L

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