quarta-feira, 11 de março de 2020

Writers’ Corner #33

Two roads diverge ...
There she stands,
cunningly observing
in a myriad of thoughts
as if in a permanent struggle
against her inner self.
Human condition is so intricate!
Lots of questions, sometimes a feeling of emptiness, 
strong shivers down the spine, and then “the choice”,
most of the times a choice for life.
We need people who dare, regardless of the consequences, 
the criticism of those who rule their lives based on trivial details.
Challenge life never forgetting you are a limited edition, and that`s what
makes you UNIQUE:
Unforgettable, Noble, Incredible, Queenlike, Unafraid!
Reflections, Ana Andrade

terça-feira, 3 de março de 2020

quinta-feira, 27 de fevereiro de 2020

Writers’ Corner #32

My Best Friend

When I came to this class, I looked very nervous. Everything was new for me. I am feeling slightly better now because I made many friends - friends who make me happy. Like everything good in life,  good friends are of great eminence.
Recently, I have made a friend that looks like me! I don’t mean her appearance, but her personality. It is very similar to mine. She is my lost sister! She is very kind and introverted, but she is a great friend. She helps me with my personal problems. These problems were torturing me - they were torturing my body and my head! And she, my new friend, helped me with some pieces of advice. 
I am better now and I owe her everything. Thanks, my friend!

Lisandra Braga, 10.º N

Writers’ Corner #31

My Best Friend

I don't have a best friend but I will imagine one. 
For me, a best friend should be someone fun and interesting. Someone I can spend hours talking to about my problems and the way I see the world. I would like someone that can be there for me for life because best friends are one big piece in our story. A best friend ought to be a person that loves you for what you are and you should love hm/her in the same way.
Summing up, a best friend should be friendly, nice and generous because when you have a person that importante, nothing can put you down.

Érica Correia, 10º N

Este mês andamos a ler


Na Lisboa de finais dos anos noventa, um jovem escritor em crise vê o seu caminho cruzar-se com o de um grande escritor. Dessa relação, nasce uma história que mescla realidade e ficção, um jogo de espelhos que coloca em evidência alguns dos desafios maiores da literatura. 
A ousadia de transformar José Saramago em personagem e de chamar Autobiografia a um romance é apenas o começo de uma surpreendente proposta narrativa que, a partir de certo ponto, não se imagina como poderá terminar. José Luís Peixoto explora novos temas e cenários e, ao mesmo tempo, aprofunda obsessões, numa obra marcante, uma referência futura.

Writers’ Corner #30

“Immigration is not the cause of racism; it is its cure.”

Keeping in mind that racism is still one of the biggest problems of today´s society, we surely have to take multiculturalism and migration into account in order to try to end it.
   I have to start by expressing that I couldn´t agree more with the sentence above. I truly believe that, if we want to solve the issue of racism, we need to be aware that it is by communicating and socialising with people from different backgrounds that we will be able to do so. Thus, immigration, which can be wrongly considered to be one of the factors that cause racism, is actually its solution. That being said, we can verify that, since immigration almost forces different cultures to get together, it can deeply increase tolerance and respect for each other and also create new customs and traditions resulting from the mixture of very much the same cultures.
   All in all, the term “immigration” shouldn´t be given a negative meaning, but, instead, should be considered the cure or solution to racism and overall discrimination.

Mariana Reina, 11.º H

Writers’ Corner

Dear ESEQ students,

Writers’ Corner is back to showcase and share our English students’ great writing skills!
The School Library Blog will keep on publishing  examples of good creative and critical thinking in the English language. It will also keep on showing that writing and reading can be very enjoyable experiences.
Join us in the Writers’ Corner and get the most out of it!
Teacher Carla Moreira