quinta-feira, 27 de fevereiro de 2020

Writers’ Corner #32

My Best Friend

When I came to this class, I looked very nervous. Everything was new for me. I am feeling slightly better now because I made many friends - friends who make me happy. Like everything good in life,  good friends are of great eminence.
Recently, I have made a friend that looks like me! I don’t mean her appearance, but her personality. It is very similar to mine. She is my lost sister! She is very kind and introverted, but she is a great friend. She helps me with my personal problems. These problems were torturing me - they were torturing my body and my head! And she, my new friend, helped me with some pieces of advice. 
I am better now and I owe her everything. Thanks, my friend!

Lisandra Braga, 10.º N

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