quinta-feira, 27 de fevereiro de 2020

Writers’ Corner #30

“Immigration is not the cause of racism; it is its cure.”

Keeping in mind that racism is still one of the biggest problems of today´s society, we surely have to take multiculturalism and migration into account in order to try to end it.
   I have to start by expressing that I couldn´t agree more with the sentence above. I truly believe that, if we want to solve the issue of racism, we need to be aware that it is by communicating and socialising with people from different backgrounds that we will be able to do so. Thus, immigration, which can be wrongly considered to be one of the factors that cause racism, is actually its solution. That being said, we can verify that, since immigration almost forces different cultures to get together, it can deeply increase tolerance and respect for each other and also create new customs and traditions resulting from the mixture of very much the same cultures.
   All in all, the term “immigration” shouldn´t be given a negative meaning, but, instead, should be considered the cure or solution to racism and overall discrimination.

Mariana Reina, 11.º H

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