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Students were asked to write an advice letter to teenager who feels very anxious because he/she doesn’t know what career path to choose.
What career path to choose?

Tiago Novais, 11ºM, nº26

Hey John,

How are you? I recently heard you don’t know yet what career path you want to follow in the future. And you know what? I want to help you with that.
So first you should think about what type of things you like. Maybe you like science but you don’t want to be a scientologist or a scientist. That’s okay because you might like other different jobs related to that subject.
What do you want? One thing is liking something, another thing is wanting it.
Maybe you want to study in Porto or Lisbon or even in Coimbra. Maybe you want a challenge and study something you find to be hard or tricky.
Last but not least, talk to your family and friends and ask their opinion on the subject. It may not be the most relevant thing to do but at least you will know what they think.
Hope you make a good choice,


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