sexta-feira, 17 de julho de 2020


Sad Generation

Margarida Freitas, nº12, 10ºL

Being a child or a teenager in the 21st century is completely different to what it was like in our parents’ generation. Honestly, I don’t think there are any similarities.
First of all, nowadays, kids and teenagers face lots of problems like bullying, stress, low self-esteem and peer pressure. Our parents didn’t have these issues because there was no social media! Social media is the main reason why teenagers have these problems, Many times, they try to overcome their problems all by themselves which can lead to depression or even suicide.
Besides all of this, I think social media has also made teenagers and kids less active and happy. Childhood should be about playing sports, climbing trees and running outside. However, nowadays, kids just watch TV and the only games they play are online games.
On the other hand, in our parents’ generation, teenagers would stay in the garden playing games and doing sports until the sun went down. Teenagers weren’t concerned about whether they had trendy clothes or top mobile phones. They just wanted to hang out with true friends!
In my view, our parents’ generation is definitely happier than ours. There were less problems and everyone had fun!

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