quinta-feira, 14 de março de 2019

Writers' Corner #25

The School of my life

I’m a seventh grade student and I’m writing to make an account of my experience in this school during the first term and what made me enjoy studying here.
I will start by describing it. It’s a large, imposing and beautiful building. It is well maintained and we all contribute to keep it that way. One of the places I like to be with my friends is the indoor patio because it is very nice to be sitting on the benches watching the fountain and the students passing by.
Another thing I like about this School is that the students are friendly and polite, and there are so many studying here! But what I like the best is the relaxed environment that is at the same time civilized and has rules.
Now I’m going to talk about an episode that is new to me at School. During the student association elections, the candidate lists organized interesting events. What struck me the most were the concerts during the breaks, because it is different to see all School gathered in the school room that usually has tables, chairs and sofas, but at that time there was only one stage. The bands that acted managed to liven up the environment a lot.
Everyone at school is nice (well, almost…), which helped me to adapt in an easier way to the change.
And I will stick around. Goodbye!!!

Afonso Eça Guimarães, 7º B

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