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Gandhi e Mandela : dois grandes vultos do século XX

Repinado in Jordan Muldrow

The influence of Gandhi and Mandela on promoting Freedom and Equality

     Nowadays the subjects of equality and discrimination are being brought up more than even before, sparking up conversations about hate crimes, LGBT rights, among others. But alongside people promoting segregation and diffferent rights for the minorities, more tolerant and outspoken moral leaders are emerging, encouraging populations to accept everyone and to love no matter what, and doing so in a non-violent way.
     Those leaders and advocates for equality have no one other to thank than the great Gandhi and Mandela, who before any others stood up for their countries and their rights, achieving their goals of freedom and acceptance without resorting to violence. Through flawless argumentation and peaceful resistance to the norm, they managed to mobilize massive crowds of supporters, faithful to their cause.
     And are these protesters new Gandhis and Mndelas? Absolutely not. They're themselves, fighting for their own rights and for their people's rights, being their own Gandhi or Madiba, and who someday may ascend to greatness and gain regognition for their fight.
So, in conclusion, any of us can be the advocates for what we believe in and for the rights of everyone, and together, we can all achieve a goal of a fully tolerant, equal and loving society, without having to even consider violence and force as viable options, for our words in our mouths and the love in our hearts are our strongest assets.

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