quarta-feira, 17 de janeiro de 2018

Writers' Corner #1

WRITERS' CORNER será um espaço constituído por trabalhos de produção escrita da autoria de alunos sobre assuntos da atualidade, lecionados no âmbito dos Domínios de Referência (na Dimensão Sociocultural) do Programa - em aula de Inglês - com vista a alargar a sua visão do mundo.

It will consist in sharing the students' essays on current affairs, which will focus on a wide range of topics -  studied and discussed in the English classes with the aim of broadening their horizons. 

Young people can win all of life's battles. Is this your current outlook on life?

By way of introduction, I would like to point out that teenagers’ lives aren't easy. It seems to me that nowadays youngsters have more and more responsabilities. Of course this is not a bad thing but, in my opinion, it makes life harder for us.
As a teenager, I am very stressed out and anxious. I don't know why - I'm just like that. Moreover, I believe I am independent and a nice person.
Obviously I have worries too. After all, everyone has some. I'm worried about my future since I want to follow my dream, which is: become an artist. I really love art! But I am afraid of not being capable of it. I just want to have a good future, that's all.
I wish good luck to my "future me" and I say to my "present me" that I can win all of life's battles. I can - without doubt! My inspiration for that is my mom, who is an awesome person and takes care of me the best way she can.

Bruna Pereira, 10º H

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