quarta-feira, 23 de maio de 2018

Writers' Corner #14

A Tiny Gesture, an Unforgettable Reward

I've always been the one to notice and value small things, whether it is a bit of sand different from the others, a little flower that rises from the grass a bit higher than the rest or, in this case, a gesture, which despite being small, was filled with kindness.
It all happened around five years ago, when I went on a trip to Poland with my brother and my parents.
We were having a nice time, exploring the streets of Warsaw, when I noticed an old lady sitting by the side of the road asking for money. We kept on walking, but as we were about to cross the road, I turned to my brother and asked:
“Did you see that old lady back there?”
“Yes,” he responded “I feel quite bad for her.”
“Me too,” I agreed.
My dad, who was listening to our conversation, still says to this day, that he felt really proud of us at that moment. He quickly stopped walking and said:
“Do you want to help that poor woman?”
Both my brother and I said yes and so my dad handed us both five zelots and we gave them to the lady.
What happened next filled my heart completely.
The old woman got up, hugged us and gave us a big open smile.
This moment is something that I'll never forget even if I live to be a hundred.

Estrela Esteves, 9ºA

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