segunda-feira, 28 de maio de 2018

Writers' Corner #15

My Dream Job

My dream job is to be an actress, or an actor, as they now like to be called. I have had this thought ever since I started doing oral presentations at school. I really love being in front of the whole class and pretending to be someone else.
There are two types of actors: theatre actors and TV and movie actors. They don't differ a lot, but there are some particularities to both.
To be a theatre actor not only do you need to be very theatrical and dramatic, (and I've been told I'm both) but also very imaginative so that you can improvise on the spot if you ever forget your lines.
Now, to be a movie actor you must have basically the same qualities as a theatre actor, but you also need to be pretty (and I'm only saying this because I've never seen an actor with an “ugly cry-face”, somehow they always look gorgeous). And I suppose it would help if you had an acting degree, too (which I don't!).
I think that the best option for me would be the second one because I'm known to be very clumsy, and there are no “do overs” in theatre acting.
Will this dream ever come true? Who knows?! Maybe if I ever decide to get an acting degree and get out of my comfort zone, then there might be a possibility.

Catarina Miranda, 11ºK

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