terça-feira, 29 de janeiro de 2019

Writers' Corner #20

Living in a multicultural society takes time. It’s a long educational process.
  (Jeresa Hren – Women’s Leadership Conference)

Nowadays emigration has become a necessity for those who hope for a better future,  so it shouldn’t come as a surprise that multicultural cities have arisen.
Living among various cultures and having the ability to fit in is a skill that takes time to achieve. To the more experienced traveller, whose life has been spent wandering every corner of our planet, infiltrating in such a society isn’t a problem, but to the inexperieced traveller whose sole contact with other cultures occurred through hotel check-ins or airport passport-controls, it can be quite hard to accept the concept of multiculturalism. Issues such as racism, xenophobia and other types of discrimination have always persisted and will always persist due to the existence of narrow-minded people but, surprisingly, “the digital natives” era came to help reduce the quantity of such individuals as it is, in fact, through apps like Facebook, Twitter and Instagram that people are able to connect to the world and, thus, gain more knowledge in regard to cultural diversity.
Overall, learning to live and interact with people from different backgrounds is an impressive feat that takes time. Even though it might be a slow and tedious process, it is definitely worth it as, in the end, one will not only acquire the ability to live anywhere and get along with the different races, but will also become more familiarized with the world outside the safety of home.

Denise Pinheiro, 11º F

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