quinta-feira, 22 de março de 2018

Writers' Corner #8

The importance of music and reading in teenagers' lives

Music and reading have really important roles in my life.
Music is something that can make us feel really good about ourselves and it's not just about the lyrics; the melody transmits to us a vibe that we can't explain. When I come home or even when I study, I listen to music and after a few minutes of pure mental liberty, I can feel really better.
Reading has a total different meaning. When I read, I can imagine myself in another world. Some say it's boring, but people who say that probably haven't seen the side of reading that I always have. Books are so much more than pieces of paper. Books are life-changers; they are teleporters to a new and magical dimension.
Music and books, in my opinion, can be an escape from our problems and, if we use them well, we definitely won't be wasting our time.

Leonor Campos, 10º L

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