sexta-feira, 23 de março de 2018

Writers' Corner #9

There is one race, the human race. There is something wrong when one group of people cannot get along with any other group of people. (Errol Anthony Smythe)

A vital society preserves difference - conformism kills society. (Thomas Merton)

Nowadays, we live in a multicultural society where people with different races, cultures and beliefs all work together to build a better world. Thanks to globalisation, we are used to sharing experiences with other people and that is a perfect way to evolve.
However, there are many people who still think that their own culture is superior and, because of it, usually discriminate against other citizens. As Norman Rockwell shows, I believe that you shouldn't act that way because you should do to other people what you would want them to do to you. In addition, I agree with Errol Anthony when he states that there is something wrong with xenophobic people since they cannot get along with other groups of people and, thus, miss opportunities to learn new things.
Finally, Thomas Merton says that a good and developed society is one that preserves difference and I couldn't agree more since we, as individuals, and our society will improve every day if we can reach out for other cultures.
To sum up, I believe that the only way we can become better citizens is to accept the multicultural world around us and learn with it.

Catarina Santos, 11ºI

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