quinta-feira, 7 de fevereiro de 2019

Writers' Corner #22

Living in a multicultural society takes time. It’s a long educational process.
(Jeresa Hren – Women’s Leadership Conference)

As everyone knows, a society can’t become multicultural in the blink of an eye. It’s simply impossible to get everybody on the same page about diversity and multiculturalism.
As such, the transformation to a multicultural society is a lengthy process. Some people might not agree with it at first and heavily oppose it, and this is mostly why it takes so long.
In order to solve this, all we need to do is educate these people about the benefits of diversity. If we do the educating part first and then the leaders of the society slowly implement policies to promote a more diverse society, it should, with time, culminate in an overall bigger acceptance of multiculturalism by the general population.
However, this transition doesn’t always happen smoothly. In fact, there are nearly always some sort of conflicts that happen between different ethnic groups, which is, of course, an undesirable scenario. Because of this, it’s vital that virtually 100% of the population agree on moving towards a diverse society since it is clear that we can’t build a multicultural society by pure brute force.
In conclusion, transitioning into a globalised society is a very long process that sometimes takes generations to happen due to the drastic changes it causes in people’s lifestyles.

Luís Pereira, 11ºF

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